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The Ultra-Punch® Needle was designed and ergonomically engineered for you;
helping to reduce hand fatigue. We are proud that
all manufacturing, printing, and supplies
provided for your punch needle are made is the USA.

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Before beginning any project, having the proper
tools for the craft are important. The videos show the
Ultra-Punch 3 needle set. The needle size is crucial for
the thread, yarn or ribbon type you will be using.

Be sure to view the videos on YouTube,
in the YouTube search bar type Ultra-Punch




This is an excellent lesson on threading your
Ultra-Punch Needle using a sample length
of embroidery floss.

Your yarn or thread that you will punching with
on most projects, will be longer in length.

However long it may be, you will thread your
Ultra-Punch Needle the same way.

Click on this YouTube Link   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eAanRlf5AU&feature=player_detailpage#t=0s


When  the fabric is in the hoop the correct way,
the fabric is "Drum Head" tight.

The inner ring of the hoop has a lip;
set the narrow side of this section of the
hoop down on a flat surface; the lip must be up.
Place the working side (Back Side) of the fabric up over
the inner ring with the lip. Loosen the adjustment nut
on the outer ring, slip the outer ring over the fabric and
inner ring be sure the outer ring is under the lip of the
inner ring. Tighten the adjusting nut while pulling your
fabric (Work around the hoop), pulling and tightening,
until the fabric is "Drum Head" tight.



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